............................~ MERCHANTS & WARES ~
  With word that the Queen and her court will be among us, the finest artisans and craftsmen in the land will be displaying their finest wares. Come stroll our lanes and browse among the shops and stalls for that perfect favour.

Merchants at WhiteHart in 2018

  • The Antebellum - (Food) (All 3 Weekends)
  • Corvus Moon Pottery - (Craft) (All 3 Weekends)
  • Sweet Rose Enterprise - (All 3 Weekends)
  • Lady Jillian's Custom Creations - (1st Weekend Only)
  • Ridge Runner Canvas - (All 3 Weekends)
  • Feather In Your Cap - (3rd Weekend Only)
  • Tipsy Turtle Pub (Drinks) (All 3 Weekends)
  • Yod's Armory (Craft) (All 3 Weekends)
  • A Wench In The Gear (2nd & 3rd Weekends Only)
  • Lycan's Leatherworks (All 3 Weekends)
  • Crazy Lady's Cafe (Food) (All 3 Weekends)
  • Vesta's craft (Craft) (1st Weekend Only)
  • Yarnery (Craft) (All 3 Weekends)
  • Yeti Snow-cones ( Food) (all 3 weekends)
  • Hartsgrove Town Hall (Drinks) (all 3 weekends)
  • #Fates
  • Verilla's (3rd Weekend Only)
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